How to Write a Golang App Remotely on a Raspberry Pi Using Atom

Raspberry Pi Photo by Harrison Broadbent on Unsplash.

Wouldn’t it be cool to remotely program a Golang app on a Raspberry Pi? In this post, I write how to do that if you are using Atom.


  1. Setup a Raspberry Pi Device
  2. Setup Golang on that Device
  3. Install remote-ftp on your Machine
  4. Connect from your Atom
  5. Write a Golang Application
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How to do Dynamic Filtering in Golang using only the Database SQL Package like in Django

Learn how to add filters to your list functions in Golang using the database/sql package

Recently I had to do some advanced filtering using the database/sql package found in the Golang standard library. In this article I share how I handled advanced filtering. If you are a beginner in Golang wanting to learn how to improve your understanding of querying the database, this article is for you.

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Golang  SQL 

Useful Resources that Helped me Learn Golang over the Years

The purpose of this post is to share my catalogue of useful links I’ve gathered in my quest to better understand Golang. If I’ve used a webpage to solve a problem, or if I used a link to learn something, then you’ll find a link of it here.

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