Red Mulberry Growlog #3

Red Mulberry 2020/11/23 (Date: 2021-03-19)

Into the over world from the underworld! The mulberries were grown in the basement for the majority of their existence and now are able to live in the outside for the first time. In this grow journal I’ll write about my experience bring the red mulberries into the outside and growing them over summer.

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Winter Strikes Back

Disaster strikes! The mulberries were taken outside a little too early as winter strikes back and covers them with snow for a few days. I wasn’t able to do anything but helpless watch.


Red Mulberry

Red Mulberry

Red Mulberry

The Return of Spring

Thankfully the mulberries recovered and began to thrive. Here we have a dragonfly stopped by for a rest.


Red Mulberry

Red Mulberry

Enter Summer

Here a few pictures from the summer of 2021.

Red Mulberry

Red Mulberry


1. Cover Crops

Red Mulberry

2. Insects


Japanese beetle on a red mulberry leaf. Red Mulberry

Tiny spider waiting for gnats and smaller flies. Red Mulberry

An unknown looking fly. Red Mulberry

Typical house fly. Red Mulberry

Interesting spider. Red Mulberry

Cicadas Cicadas


Crane Fly Crane fly on a red mulberry leaf

Wolf spider Wolf spider on a red mulberry leaf

Unknown colourful bug Unknown colourful bug on a red mulberry leaf

Wolf spider again … and not so happy this time! Wolf spider on a red mulberry leaf asserting a defensive posture

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