How to Get Go2TV Working With Your Samsung Smart TV

A recent reddit post on /r/golang titled Go2TV - cast videos to UPnP/DLNA MediaRenderers caught my interest. In this blog post I’ll try to get it working with my Samsung TV.

To begin, I followed the link which leads to the public github repo - Go2TV. The documentation looks good so I proceed to do the following.

First I check to see if their version of Golang matches my own. I run:

$ go version

I am using the older Go 1.15 version but this software requires Go 1.16, I swiftly upgrade my Go via this link. If you have anything below 16.0 then you must download the latest version of Golang before proceeding.

Next I clone the project locally on my computer:

$ cd ~/go/src/
$ mkdir alexballas
$ cd alexballas
$ git clone
$ cd Go2TV

Please note, I have my Golang home directory in the ~/go/src/ location.

After looking through the instructions and the Makefile, I decide to build it locally by running these commands:

$ make build
$ cd build
$ chmod u+x go2tv

Next I load up the help details of the app:

go2tv -h

Alright, I turn on my TV and run the following command:

$ go2tv -l

The output I get is as follows:

go2tv -l

Interesting! Copy the movie you want to stream to your TV into the build folder.

$ go2tv -v

On the Samsung TV it will ask for permission, grant it permission.

On the computer I see this:

go2tv running

And on my TV I see:

go2tv running

Hurray! Exciting to see something written in Golang communicating with my TV. Great job and thank you to Alex Ballas for writing this awesome little app.

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