Docker Learning Resources for Absolute Beginners Programming With Golang

Recently I was working on an open-source project which I wanted to dockerize - problem is I had no idea experience. In this post I’ll list all the resources I used to learn docker.

1. Learning Docker Resource (Videos)

A. TechWorld with Nana

I found a phenomenal YouTube channel called TechWorld with Nana which provides curated videos for learning the basics of #DevOps. They have a playlist called Docker Tutorial for Beginners. The following videos are the ones I watched and followed.

Video 1 of 16: What is Docker? Docker container concept explained

Video 2 of 16: What is a Docker Container? Docker Demo

Video 3 of 16: How to install docker? Step by Step

Video 4 of 16: 8 Basic Docker Commands

Video 5 of 16: Debugging Docker Containers with docker exec and docker logs

Video 6 of 16: Docker vs Virtual Machine | simply explained

Video 7 of 16: Overview of Workflow with Docker - Docker in Practice

Video 8 of 16: Developing with Docker

Video 9 of 16: Docker Compose Tutorial - Docker in Practice

Video 10 of 16: Dockerfile Tutorial - Docker in Practice

Video 11 of 16: Private Repository explained | Registry on AWS - Docker in Practice

Video 12 of 16: Docker Volumes explained in 6 minutes

Video 13 of 16: Deploying the containerized application with Docker Compose

Video 14 of 16: Docker Volumes Demo

Video 15 of 16: Docker vs Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm | Comparison in 5 mins

Video 16 of 16: Docker Tutorial for Beginners [FULL COURSE in 3 Hours]

2. Learning Docker Resource (Websites)

A. docker-curriculum

On HackerNews I saw a post titled Docker for Beginners. This is a great tutorial for hands-on practice for it.

3. Learning Docker for Golang

4. Example Projects in Golang using Docker

A. darcys22/godbledger

Accounting Software with GRPC endpoints and SQL Backends

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