Hello World

An introduction to my personal site

Welcome to my first blog post, I’ll explain the purpose of this site, why I started it, and what I hope to accomplish.

Hello and welcome!

My name is Bartlomiej Mika, I am a technical consultant at [Mika Software Corporation] and welcome to my first blog post.

I am a big fan of reading Hacker News for my tech news but recently an article titled “Why you (yes, you) should blog has inspired me to create this blog!


The purpose of this website is as follows.

1. Share Knowledge

As I learn new things I want to share the lessons learned.

2. Centralize Content

Over the years I have written various articles across different websites but always scattered across the web; sometimes the content written gets lost over time for various reasons such as:

  • Site owners delete data
  • Sites lose data
  • Sites shutdown
  • Content gets “curated” out

As a result, this site will be that single location to centralize my content and make it easy-to-find for users.

3. Improve Technical Communication

I want to improve my technical communication writing articles.

4. Personalized Site

I miss the old world wide web that I remember in the ’90s. I miss the creativity, the ingenuity, and quirkiness of personal websites that you would typically find from individuals before giant websites like Facebook or Twitter came along. In a sense, I hope this website could be an interesting place.

Expected Topics

What sort of topics should you expect?

  • Programming

  • Open-Source Libraries

  • Tutorials

  • My Projects

  • Personal thoughts about various topics and subjects

Thank you for visiting and please don’t forget to bookmark this site.