Docker Learning Resources for Absolute Beginners Programming With Golang

Recently I was working on an open-source project which I wanted to dockerize - problem is I had no idea experience. In this post I’ll list all the resources I used to learn docker. ...

August 28, 2021 · 2 min · 316 words · Bartlomiej Mika
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How to Build a gRPC Server over tstorage to create tstorage-server

Did you just finish reading the gRPC Basics tutorial and you don’t know where to begin with using it? In this post I’ll explain how to take a fast time-series database called tstorage and write a gRPC server and client with it. ...

July 9, 2021 · 19 min · 4032 words · Bartlomiej Mika

How to Build a gRPC Server for a SparkFun Weather Shield

We will take what we learned in the previous post and rewrite it to support interprocess communication of our SparkFun Weather Shield from other applications using the gRPC. ...

July 9, 2021 · 15 min · 2996 words · Bartlomiej Mika

How to Read Data From a SparkFun Weather Shield (DEV-13956) in Golang

SparkFun Weather Shield monitoring dutifully a red mulberry seedling, the code is powered by what you will learn in this blog post. The purpose of blog post is to explain how to write a Golang application which can poll time-series data from a SparkFun Weather Shield (DEV-13956). ...

July 9, 2021 · 10 min · 2081 words · Bartlomiej Mika
Red Mulberry

Red Mulberry Growlog #2

How are the mulberries growing? In this growlog I show you the growth from seed to seedling and detail some of my challenges. ...

May 10, 2021 · 2 min · 363 words · Bartlomiej Mika

How to do Dynamic Filtering in Golang using only the Database SQL Package like in Django

Recently I had to do some advanced filtering using the database/sql package found in the Golang standard library. In this article I share how I handled advanced filtering. If you are a beginner in Golang wanting to learn how to improve your understanding of querying the database, this article is for you. ...

May 7, 2021 · 14 min · 2978 words · Bartlomiej Mika

How to Get Go2TV Working With Your Samsung Smart TV

A recent reddit post on /r/golang titled Go2TV - cast videos to UPnP/DLNA MediaRenderers caught my interest. In this blog post I’ll try to get it working with my Samsung TV. ...

April 15, 2021 · 2 min · 281 words · Bartlomiej Mika

Useful Resources that Helped me Learn Golang over the Years

The purpose of this post is to share my catalogue of useful links I’ve gathered in my quest to better understand Golang. If I’ve used a webpage to solve a problem, or if I used a link to learn something, then you’ll find a link of it here. ...

April 8, 2021 · 4 min · 676 words · Bartlomiej Mika

How to Setup Wordpress for Ubuntu 20 LTS on a Digitalocean Droplet

Do you setup WordPress sites often and you want instructions you can repeat quickly? The purpose of this HOWTO is to provide a series of copy and paste commands you can use over and over to setup WordPress on an Ubuntu 20 LTS server using DigitalOcean for your future clients. ...

March 31, 2021 · 10 min · 1954 words · Bartlomiej Mika

Example of Writing a Simple gRPC Server in Golang from Scratch

How do you write a Golang server using gRPC from scratch? Heres how to do it. ...

March 27, 2021 · 3 min · 599 words · Bartlomiej Mika